How we make money

The process for those bottles and cans to turn into the building blocks of a Black Economy is easy:

  1. Save and collect your recyclable aluminum cans and plastic bottles between now and June 19, 2021.
  2. Use the WECANBlackAMERICA site to identify the nearest drop-off location OR call 888-243-7377, to schedule a pick-up on TBD dates in your area.
  3. Collected materials will be redeemed with Quander & Son, a Black Owned, Certified California Recycling Company (
  4. All monies received from redeemed recyclables will be deposited into a WECANBlackAmerica Fund with MBE certified bank(s). 40% of funds will be used for the administration of the project; 60% will be directly distributed to vetted Black Americans.